150 people waiting to be rescued in North Carolina as Hurricane Florence approaches coasts

NEW BERN, NC - The City of New Bern recently tweeted that around 150 North Carolina residents are currently awaiting rescue.

The city says they have two out-of-state FEMA teams available for swift water rescue and that more are on the way.

They recommend moving up to up to your second story or attic, but Emergency Medical Services told Fox 4 that moving to an attic with no windows is not the safest option.

Climbing to the top of your roof and awaiting rescue is the better option.

In addition to the more than 100 New Bern residents currently awaiting rescue, according to Duke Energy, more than 250,000 North Carolinians are currently without power. 

A map of the areas affected can be seen here.

Many people in the Carolinas are taking advantage of CrowdSource Rescue

This site, which was formed following Hurricane Maria, uses tracking services to map out where people are who need to be rescued.

People can tweet at CrowdSource Rescue saying they need help and their location will then be mapped.

This can help neighbors help one another and emergency services know where people are who need help.

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