How the homeless are sheltering ahead of Elsa

Posted at 11:54 PM, Jul 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-05 23:54:02-04

LEE COUNTY, FLA — Homeless during hurricane season.

That's been the reality for Stephen Reynolds and Robin Gordon, over the last few years.

"I'm out here four years, maybe five," said Gordon.

She adds that she's ridden out most severe weather at home, in a wooded part of Fort Myers.

"The last storm we just had a tree did fall and come through our one tent," she said.

Monday, the pair and about a dozen others without a home, gathered outside of a Fort Myers Wawa as they looked to possibly get plugged into county services ahead of Tropical Storm Elsa.

But after several hours, most had turned the county's main offer down, opting not to go to the Bob Janes Triage Center.

FOX 4 Reporter: "So you'd rather be outside than in triage?"

Reynolds: "Absolutely."

Many folks FOX 4 has spoken to over the last year say they've been trespassed from that property and either can't go back or don't want to.

"Only thing they offered was triage. They can't put you in a hotel because you don't have a family or anything," Reynolds said.

In the end, FOX 4 can only confirm that out of all the people our crew saw at the Wawa, only Gordon was housed by the county.

And as the rest waited for another answer, Reynolds offered this plea to local viewers.

"Don't look down on these people man try to help them out. We're still people," he said.

A spokesperson for Lee county says in all they were only able to house eight people across the area ahead of the storm, Monday.

Reynolds and several others were eventually housed by a private group.


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