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There’s an Amazon Bogg Bag alternative that’s perfect for your beach vacation

There’s an Amazon Bogg Bag alternative that’s perfect for your beach vacation
Posted at 7:30 AM, Apr 22, 2024

Beachgoers know: It’s never as simple as laying out a towel and scampering into the waves.

You’ve got to bring sunscreen, water and snacks, at minimum. And if you’ve got kids in tow? Buckets and shovels, flotation devices, snorkels, goggles and anything else their tiny hearts desire.

And then all of it gets wet and sandy and half the beach comes home with you.

The durable Bogg Bag tote solves many of these problems, but it comes with a hefty price tag. Thankfully, there’s an Amazon alternative Bogg Bag that’s got all the handy features at a lower price point.

Simple Modern beach bag rubber tote in Malibu

$59.99 at Amazon

The extra-large Simple Modern beach tote rings up at about $30 less than a similarly sized Bogg Bag. And it features the same details that makes the Bogg a fantastic beach carryall.

The lightweight, waterproof EVA material is super easy to clean — just hose it off after returning from a beach adventure and leave all that extra sand outside.

It also comes with a detachable, water-resistant pouch to store smaller items and keep them separate from larger stuff. Your phone will be easy to find, safe from the inevitable spills and splashes.

Like a Bogg Bag, the Simple Modern tote has a flat, wide, textured bottom to keep it from tipping over, too. That’s helpful on the beach or off.

Simple Modern beach bag rubber tote

$59.99 at Amazon

Did we mention these bags come in different sizes? The large and extra-large sizes work great for the beach or the pool, but the medium-size tote is perfect for a quick jaunt to the pickleball court, gym or playground.

Simple Modern beach bag rubber tote

$44.99 at Amazon

A medium-size Simple Modern bag retails for $44.99, while the Baby Bogg Bag retails for $70, so that’s a significant savings.

Just like the Bogg, Simple Modern’s rubber tote comes in a variety of trendy colors, too. Cool stuff — and at a manageable price to boot.

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