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Wildlife Education Up Close - Coyote Peterson: Brave the Wild

Posted at 11:36 AM, Feb 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-04 11:36:53-05

Coyote Peterson is passionate about wildlife education and wants you to join his “coyote pack.” The host of the wildly popular YouTube channel Brave Wilderness (15.5MM subscribers), is taking his enthusiasm for protecting the natural world to Animal Planet. He will travel to all new destinations around the globe and share his incredible animal experiences with the most fascinating, bizarre and iconic members of the animal kingdom in his brand new Animal Planet series, Coyote Peterson: Brave the Wild, which premieres Sunday, Feb. 9 at 9 PM ET/PT.

In COYOTE PETERSON: BRAVE THE WILD, Coyote brings the animal kingdom up close for the next wave of explorers in an entertaining way, while promoting compassion and welfare for the natural world. Together with his crew, Coyote shares their breathtaking adventures with Animal Planet’s audiences and his “Coyote Pack” across all platforms. In this season, Coyote travels to Australia's Devil Ark conservatory to reveal the history behind the critically endangered Tasmanian devil and discovers the manpower needed to conserve this species; to Brazil where Coyote encounters the Yacare Caiman and swims alongside the animal to study its perfect-predator behavior as jaguars and capybara lurk from the shoreline; and the swamplands of Texas to search for a giant alligator snapping turtle known as Raphael, among other destinations.

Through the Brave Wilderness channel on YouTube, Coyote has hosted various adventure series, including the Emmy-winning Breaking Trail, Beyond the Tide and the upcoming Universal Pictures “Jurassic World Explorers” digital franchise set to debut November 18 exclusively on YouTube. His second book, Coyote Peterson: The King of Sting, was released late last year. An Ohio native, he graduated with a film degree from Ohio State University.