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What Does Mom Really Want For Mother's Day

Posted: 9:07 AM, May 14, 2019
Updated: 2019-05-14 09:07:09-04

Not sure what to get Mom this Mother’s Day? Instead of the usual chocolate, flowers or jewelry, a new survey says cash is queen – but not how you think… According to Lincoln Financial Group’s Love and Responsibility Survey, the gift that over half of all moms would prefer most is a deposit in their retirement account.

Now, more than ever, women are becoming the primary economic decision makers for their families. According to the survey, 72% of moms are planning for their family’s financial future, compared to 85% of dads. With life expectancy rates showing women living years longer than men, shouldn’t we help ensure that they’re prepared for what’s ahead? As we near Mother’s Day, it’s time for us to help not only our mothers, but all women to take charge of their financial futures.