Wednesday Dish / Seminole Casino Hotel 6/1/16

Posted at 12:09 PM, Jun 01, 2016
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Seminole Casino Hotel
506 South 1st Street
(239) 658-1313
Cooking segment with Chef Ozzy. He will be making Lucky Mi Surf & Turf Hot Rocks. I am including the recipe for knowledge
· 5oz 1" sliced choice filet mignon
· 5oz1" sliced cold water lobster tail
· 1oz-Snow pea pod, fresh, Blanched
· 1oz-Shiitake mushroom, Blanched
· 1oz-Baby Bock Choy, Blanched
· 1oz-Carrot, Long Bias Cut & Blanched
· 1oz-Bean sprouts, Blanched
· 2tsp-Olive Oil
· 1tsp-Sea salt
· 2oz-Sweet Chili sauce
· 2oz-Asian vinegar sauce
· 2oz-Lemon ginger vinaigrette
· Place hot rocks into oven at 800 degrees F.
· Cut steak and lobster. Keep cold until ready to serve. 
· Blanch all vegetables in boiling water for 2 minutes. Cool into ice water. Drain well and keep cold until ready to serve
· Place sauces into small side cups to serve with the meal
· When ready to serve place hot rock onto board with cold steak and lobster, vegetables and sauces on the side
· Cook steak, lobster and vegetables on the hot rock with oil to desired doness. Season with sea salt.