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We Speak With Abe Kamarck, CEO & Founder of True Made Foods About His Mission

Posted at 4:15 PM, Dec 17, 2018

Making the transition to civilian life is one of the greatest challenges for veterans. For entrepreneurs, it can be an even bigger challenge. Of the 5.5 million businesses in the U.S. today, seven percent are veteran-owned, but it is difficult for veterans to receive outside investments in a start-up. That’s why the PenFed Foundation has created the Veteran Entrepreneur Investment Program (VEIP). The program provides veteran-owned start-ups with seed capital to build and grow their businesses. The first recipient of the investment is True Made Foods created by U.S. Navy vet Abe Kamarck. Veteran-owned and American-made, the company makes popular sauces like BBQ and ketchup in a healthier, vegetable-rich way. Swapping out traditional ketchup and sauces for True Made removes the sugar equivalent of 1,000 cans of soda per year from your diet and replaces it with nutrient-dense vegetables – including butternut squash and carrots. On November 30, Abe will be available for interviews. He will share with your viewers his amazing journey from the Navy to founder of a successful start-up. He’ll also share a few of his favorite tailgating dishes that are healthy, delicious, and just in time for the Army-Navy game!