Understanding Childhood Disease

Posted at 10:55 AM, Jun 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-21 10:55:38-04
As new and expectant parents prepare to navigate the first months of their baby’s life, most have taken the necessary steps—they have attended important prenatal classes, brushed up on their nursery rhymes and have the crib ready and waiting. However, a recent national survey from Pfizer, Inc. and Parents magazine uncovered one vital missing element: understanding and awareness of certain childhood infectious diseases, specifically invasive pneumococcal disease.1
Conducted online by Harris Poll, the survey found that parents were least knowledgeable about invasive pneumococcal disease, when compared among 11 childhood illnesses.[i] In fact, only three of every 10 (30%) parents of children under two years of age and expectant parents report they are knowledgeable about invasive pneumococcal disease.1 Although invasive pneumococcal disease may be discussed in well-child visits, nearly one in four (23%) have never even heard of it, illustrating the need for more education.1,[ii]
Invasive pneumococcal disease can include pneumococcal meningitis or a bloodstream infection (pneumococcal bacteremia).[iii] Even an ear infection can sometimes develop into invasive pneumococcal disease