The Flavor of Expression

Posted at 11:18 AM, Jul 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-28 11:18:39-04


Remember the Fantanas? The flavorful group of girls from the 2000s who danced to that catchy “Wanta Fanta” jingle? Well the Fantanas are back…but they have a new look and have completely evolved from what you’ve ever known about them. This summer, the iconic foursome is all new – made up of some of Hollywood’s freshest faces, both men and women, on a brand new mission. They’re encouraging teens and young adults to express themselves and embrace all the ways they’re bold, unique and more than one flavor.


Everyone’s favorite flavorful group is back! But forget what you may think you know about the Fantanas.  This summer, the faces of Fanta are all new with a brand new mission.
Four of Hollywood’s freshest young talents, Eva Gutowski, Lauren Riihimaki, Jordan Fisher and Coco Jones are encouraging fans to express themselves and show off their personal flavor. The new generation of Fantanas embodies what it means to be “More Than One Flavor” through each of their unique gifts, exciting passions and refreshing individuality. And, they’re sending a message to your viewers to do the same!


The Fanta “More Than One Flavor” campaign marks a new look and era for the Fanta brand. And, to ring in the new era, acclaimed super-producer Mike Will Made-It is putting a modern twist on the iconic “Wanta Fanta” jingle, mixing various genres and styles to bring Fanta’s “More Than One Flavor” of music to life in one bold, fun track