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The Brief About Briefs

Posted at 1:15 PM, Apr 13, 2021

The ultimate men’s lifestyle guru, Hans is on a mission to help men achieve mental and physical “ball-ance.” There’s comfort, and then there’s “ball-ance.” And to achieve ball-ance, “all your bits must properly fit.”

This is the message from Hanes, America’s No. 1 underwear brand, as it launches Comfort Flex Fit® Total Support Pouch™ boxer briefs. To help spread the word, they’ve enlisted (or shall we say created) Hans…a “ball-ance guru” who is available to answer questions about how men can achieve perfect ball-ance, particularly as it relates to their undies.

(71%) of men told Hanes they had never worn boxer briefs with a pouch construction. But after wearingHanes Comfort Flex Fit® Total Support Pouch™ boxer briefs, approximately 80% of men across age ranges and sizes planned to buy the product and recommend it to a friend.