The boom in new luxury cruise ships and what you need to know about travel in 2017

Posted at 12:34 PM, Apr 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-24 12:34:46-04
2017 is shaping up as the year of affordable travel on a global scale. Every shipyard in the world is operating at 100 per cent capacity. 56 separate cruise ships of every size and pedigree are being constructed; there are now more new airlines flying to more places than ever. And more than 1.2 billion people will cross an international border this year. So what does this mean to you? Peter Greenberg, America's front line travel journalist, will be in Monaco to broadcast on the newest, most luxurious cruise ship, the Silver Muse.

Peter is available, live from the ship, and can talk about what the brave new world of travel means this year to your viewers: a strong U.S. dollar, plus an explosion in the number of new airlines and cruise ships.. The global buyers’ market in travel is now ushering  in a golden age of travel, and Greenberg will help navigate to all the different options -- and around the obstacles, from new, affordable destinations all the way up to luxury cruising.

Greenberg will be reporting live from Monaco  discussing all of the choices out there for travelers this year, plus insider tips on booking (the internet may not be your friend), to where NOT to go in a time of global uncertainty, to getting the best deals from hotels all the way to luxury cruise ships .