Safe With Snappy

Posted at 10:53 AM, Aug 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-09 10:53:56-04

Vincent Rose, Expert Crocodilian Behaviorist, American Crocodile

Education Sanctuary


Cherie Chenot-Rose, Published Research Biologist, Founder ACES


Starting Aug. 15th through Nov., anyone in Lee County with a problematic alligator which has eluded

trappers can contact ACES and we will utilize our 2017 Gator Hunt Tags to attempt to remove that

particular anim


ACES ~ American Crocodile Education Sanctuary, founded in Belize, is expanding to Southwest

Florida. ACES is committed to the conservation of Crocodilians through scientific research and

education to preserve wildlife for future generations. ACES will provide tips on how to safely

coexist with alligators; introduce two juvenile alligators "Tubs" & "Allie;" provide some interesting

facts about gator biology and behavior; offer as a public outreach ACES's educational

presentations to schools or public events; and offer our expert services of investigating serious

alligator, or crocodile, concerns as a proactive method of reducing gator-human conflicts.

Finally, address our cause of requesting the FWC to stop animal cruelty by banning the use of

'unattended baited hooks' by contracted nuisance gator trappers.