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Prescription Drug Annual Election Period

Posted at 4:26 PM, Nov 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-04 16:26:18-04

During the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Annual Election Period (AEP), which begins on October 15 and closes December 7, adults 65 and older and those living with disabilities can sign up for a new health care plan or reevaluate their existing plan to fit their coverage needs for 2022. Experts advise carefully researching options to make the right decision – but how?

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, AEP resources are abundant online – from informational websites to web-based educational events and even one-on-one sales meetings in the comfort of your home. But navigating those sites to find the right fit while protecting valuable personal information may present challenges to even the savviest of researchers.

Catherine Field, senior vice president and Medicare division leader for Humana, is available LIVE via satellite, Zoom, etc., to answer questions about the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug AEP and guide viewers through the research and selection process. As a Medicare expert, Catherine will discuss:

  • The difference between Medicare and Medicare Advantage, and the benefits of each
  • Where are my doctors? How to find a network that includes your providers
  • Securing necessary prescription drug coverage
  • Trusted resources Medicare eligible individuals can utilize to select a plan before the Dec. 7 deadline