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New Streaming Platform for Pre-Schoolers to Third Graders

Posted at 1:00 PM, Jan 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-06 13:00:36-05

Speak with Vooks CCO Shannon Bex.She’s Available to Talk About the Benefits of thisUnique Platform for Children and Why It’s Not Only a Great Giftbut Vital in the New Year and Years to Come.

Vooks is a new streaming platform that is unlike any other streaming service available today by adding movement and sound to original storybook art. Vooks is a new way to experience stories, and the only streaming service that was designed to connect families, engage kids, and even boost reading skills. Vooks is filled with titles that are recognizable to parents as well.

The platform gives parents a piece of mind about what their children are watching by being a 100% kid friendly, ad-free, age appropriate streaming platform. Teachers are using Vooks to help teach kids to read and using the lesson plans provided to help kids digest the story. Vooks is only a few years old and already has over a million users in 175 different countries! Vooks is also kid-safe, ad free and affordable. It’s also a helpful tool for parents and educators during the pandemic -With the pandemic removing children from schools, 40% of children between ages three to five do not receive the social-emotional and cognitive stimulation at home that the classroom experience provides.Vooks is available via Roku, Apple TV, AndroidTV, Amazon Fire TV, Comcast Xfinity, and as linear channels on both Roku TV and Vizio.Benefits of Vooks:* Vooks Inspires a Love of Reading* It boosts a child's development and literacy* Vooks promotes attention and focus* Encourages Meaningful Family Connection* Each title provides creative, imaginative content* Compelling Stories and Engaging Illustrations* Thoughtful PacingAfter High School, Shannon Bex followed her dreams of becoming a performer. She went on to become a nationally acclaimed performing artist as a singer, dancer, choreographer and a multi-platinum recording artist. Shannon left the entertainment industry to co-found Vooks with her brother, Marshall and friend Russell Hirtzel. Shannon took her experiences from the music industry and uses all that she has learned to help with the success of Vooks. As Chief Communications Officer, Shannon creates, develops, and maintains relationships with authors, illustrators and publishers. Shannon believes in bringing the love of reading to children at a young age!

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