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Posted at 11:26 AM, Mar 28, 2016
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“The Path” is the newest dramatic TV show on the web anchored by Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan, and Hugh Dancy. It is the latest dramatic scripted drama by Hulu and comes on the heels of its other original series, “11.22.63.”

The show is about Eddie Lane, played by Paul, and his family both by blood and by faith. The faith is also known as the movement of Meyerism. Its followers are hunkered down in an Upstate New York compound that is as beautiful as it is isolated. At the center of it all are The Lanes who might as well be Royalty in the community. Sarah Lane, played by Michelle Monaghan, is the ever-devoted wife, mother, and exerciser of the movement. She, having been born and raised into Meyerism, is supported by, and supports Eddie, her husband who is a relative newcomer to the faith. As the series starts the patriarch of the family is fresh off of a drug-induced retreat. The retreat is needed in order to graduate to the next ‘rung’ or level of Meyerism. However, what occurred while at the movement’s headquarters of Peru would have Eddie questioning his faith throughout the season. Not to worry, there is a cast of characters along the way that will add to that doubt too.

Adding to the drama is the third and final major cog in the wheel, Cal Robertson. He is one of the movement’s leaders played brilliantly by Hugh Dancy and quickly a major storyline is planted in the first scene of his appearance. But, this little seedling is just one of many delicious storylines that will have viewers feasting throughout the first season.

The Movement has several key parallels to Scientology. But with a missing leader who is away transcribing the final ‘rungs’ of ‘the ladder,’ and electrical machines that are hooked up to folks for energy aligning, they can’t expect anything less.

The lead characters are strong and multi-layered no doubt thanks to the high caliber actors who are playing them. Hugh Dancy is as empathetic as he is charismatic. Aaron Paul is conflicted in a way that jumps off the screen and is reminiscent of this Breaking Bad days. Fans of his will not want for anything from Paul after they finish the series. Monaghan is strong and available as one of the few female leads in the show. All will undergo changes over the season that would leave less veteran actors disconnected from the viewer. This is not the case with the threesome.

The show is well written and evenly paced. No doubt in small part to the writers and producers who also were some of the people behind “Parenthood.” There is great layering of emotions and no shortage of good storylines without overdoing it.

“The Path” premiers on March 30th on Hulu and unfortunately, will be released one week at a time.