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New Devices Can Build Connections

How Amazon Glow Can Connect Loved Ones
Posted at 3:41 PM, May 12, 2022

As the world returns to ‘normal,’ parents are faced with heading back to the office, often working late nights and traveling for business trips that cause them to miss moments at home with little ones. Looking to stay connected to their children while away, more than half of parents say their kids have trouble staying engaged during traditional video calls and therefore are turning to new technology that keeps little ones engaged more than traditional video or voice calling. With the new Amazon Glow, kids can easily engage with remote loved ones while learning, playing, reading, and creating.

Dr. Michele Borba, early child development expert and best-selling author of “Thrivers,” discusses how parents and grandparents can replace traditional video calls with Amazon Glow’s “practically there” magic and share ideas for how families can develop deeper bonds with the youth in their lives.

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