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Mostly 4 Millennials

Posted at 9:03 AM, Jul 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-04 09:03:50-04

Mostly 4 Millennials is a quarter-hour live-action comedy on Adult Swim focusing on the all-important millennial way of life. Direct from the very cool Mostly 4 Millennials set, along with the help of the latest technology, trends and gadgets, morally corrupt and depraved host Derrick Beckles helps viewers decipher this unique generation with the help of bizarre testimonials, random interviews, audience participation, confusing focus groups and presentations from unqualified guests, experts and specialists. Mostly 4 Millennials desperately tries to get into the hearts and souls of not only those who have chosen to be millennial, but those who are thinking of converting. You never know what’s going to happen next on Mostly 4 Millennials, just like the generation it celebrates.

Derrick Beckles is a Canadian-born writer, director, actor, and comedian. He is the creator and host of the Adult Swim show Hot Package, creator or “TV Carnage” and helped found Vice TV. Beckles spent the majority of his teenage years in Toronto punk bands including Black Jello, who were well known for being banned from every possible live venue in the city. He began experimenting with film making in high school and became a familiar face on Canadian TV while occasionally doing stand up comedy.

Millennials are the one of the most studied and talked about generations, having grown up totally immersed in the digital world. Are they lazy, narcissistic selfie lovers? The most educated, tech-savvy and civic-minded generation to date? Or all of the above? One thing is certain, with approximately 80 million U.S. Millennials, they are sure to dominate everything for years to come. So love them or hate them, Millennials are here to stay.

No question is too far out there in Derrick’s quest to help you figure out what makes a millennial tick!