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Mortgages for Multitaskers

Posted at 9:50 AM, Aug 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-20 09:50:03-04
According to the 2018 Homebuyer Insights Report, 92 percent of first-time home buyers agree that technology makes them feel more in control of their financial decisions. They also see technology playing a role during every stage of the homebuying journey. They want a homebuying experience that is efficient (64 percent), simple (59 percent) and personalized (51 percent). To achieve this experience, Americans are turning to technology.
Best-selling author and well-being expert Sophie Keller is available for interview to talk about the latest trends in home mortgages and how using technology can make the goal of homeownership a bit easier. She can discuss how people can integrate the process into their lives so it doesn’t feel like taking on a cumbersome task, but rather an easy first step to owning a home or reducing your mortgage payments through refinancing.
Some of Sophie’s tips for a more enjoyable home buying experience include:
·       To efficiently balance your to-do list, take advantage of the resources available, such as technology and people. Technology has made it possible to apply for a mortgage at your own pace, either on a mobile device or computer. Gone are the days spent worrying about scheduling bank appointments or collecting stacks of paperwork – you can now complete the application on your own time from anywhere you want.
·       Make sure not to let hurdles – like buying a home – seem bigger than they really are. We need to remind ourselves not to get caught up in what might seem like an intimidating process and instead seek simpler ways to reach our goals. We can achieve the dream of homeownership while still balancing our priorities and continuing to focus on living our best lives.
·       When working toward a goal, hold on to your vision and handle the tasks in front of you. simplify tasks when possible. Ask yourself: what am I spending unnecessary time on, and how can I break up my tasks into smaller chunks to make them feel more manageable?