Mentos Gum: DJ Khaled

Posted: 1:00 PM, Sep 22, 2017
Updated: 2017-09-22 13:00:47-04
DJ Khaled is joining Mentos Gum to reward a University of Wisconsin-Madison freshman named Sam Jeschke after Sam completed a challenge to connect with everyone on his campus using 43,000 bottles of Mentos Gum by the first day of classSam shared every last bottle in time, so he earned a free DJ Khaled concert on campus for his classmates and a year of free tuition for himself.
Jeschke shared the final bottles Tuesday night just hours before the deadline during an annual freshman class event at Camp Randall Stadium, at which point a personal message from
DJ Khaled congratulating Jeschke and announcing the concert date played on the stadium’s massive video board.
Thanks to Jeschke and Mentos Gum, DJ Khaled will perform for the University of Wisconsin-Madison  on Monday, October 30 at the Kohl Center.