Lung Cancer Patients

Posted at 11:35 AM, Jun 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-19 11:35:03-04
Another misconception about lung cancer is that there is not much hope once you are diagnosed. However, amazing advances in lung cancer treatments are helping to change the outcomes, providing much needed hope for all diagnosed patients. Patients also need to know who should get screened because the sooner you are diagnosed the more effective the treatment.
Researchers have identified more than a dozen tumors and developed targeted therapies to treat them – these treatments were not available 5-10 years ago and have changed the way lung cancer is treated with many patients.  And even more recently, immunotherapy treatments, which enhances a patient’s own immune system response to stop the growth of cancer cells are now available. The key is for patients to get their tumor tested so doctors can determine the best personalized treatment plan, which can also include chemotherapy and radiation.
But even with these new precise treatments providing so much hope to lung cancer patients – there are still many unanswered questions and these treatments do not work for all lung cancer patients. Researchers are on the precipice of lung cancer breakthroughs and Lung Cancer Foundation of America works to fund research for these lifesaving treatments. Your help is needed to make sure these advances in treatment come to fruition.
During this tour, Dr. Jessica Donington, Thoracic Surgeon and Lysa Buonanno, a lung cancer patient will discuss treatment breakthroughs in the battle against lung cancer and how the Lung Cancer Foundation of America is working to fund life-saving research. Wife and mother of two, Lysa was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer at age 40 and given a 2 percent chance of living 5 years. Well, now it is five years later and she is living and thriving thanks to advances in treatment through targeted therapy. Together, she and Dr. Donington will share stories of hope through breakthroughs in treatment and ways your audience can become involved in raising money to help cure lung cancer.