Love Your Job or Dread It Every Single Day? 10/6/16

Posted at 8:41 AM, Oct 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-07 08:41:20-04

What’s more important to you at work: your company’s long-term goals or how they view their employees?  What do employees say makes a difference with their satisfaction in the workplace? What deal-breaker would make you quit? What’s the number one thing your employer could do to make you want to stay at your job longer?


These are just a few of the revealing questions asked to 1,000 cross-generational workers across all industries in a new Ultimate Software and Center for Generational Kinetics survey on workplace satisfaction. From pay and perks to pet peeves, to what inspires them to work harder—today’s American worker has some definite opinions.


Available LIVE via satellite are millennial guru Jason Dorsey and Ultimate Software exec Adam Rogers to discuss the results of the survey,   including:


·         How company culture, pay, benefits, and trust impact employee “engagement” (their commitment to their job and their company)

·         What’s more important to employees’ satisfaction at work – open communication with their manager or having a clearly defined job?

·         Does technology at work affect workplace happiness?

·         What more than 1/3 of workers said could lead them to quit

·         What one perk is even more important than an annual bonus in making employees more committed to their jobs?

Find out what 3 out of 4 employees said their employer could do to make them stay at their job longer.