Kathryn Hahn in NYC 2/2/17

Posted at 11:04 AM, Feb 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-14 11:04:20-05

New Febreze Cleans the Air of Odors with Launch of its Toughest Formula to Date and “Odor Odes” Campaign

Let’s face it: sometimes the things you love the most can be super stinky. And while other air fresheners mask odors, new Febreze straight up cleans away stink with OdorClear™ technology — the brand’s toughest, most effective formula to-date. If you aren’t cleaning the air and the things you love of odors, you’re breathing it all in….all 500 TRILLION odor molecules that may be in your home before you are even able to smell them.

Febreze’s new OdorClear™ technology acts like a stink vacuum: it seeks out odors and cleans ’em away. Say “buh-bye” to stinky molecules that linger like last night’s savory Brussel sprouts or this morning’s bacon, the post-thunderstorm parfum from your dog, “Gordo,” or the fast food funk your kids left behind in your beloved minivan.

OdorClear™ technology is a proprietary formula from Febreze made up of hardworking (you could say, superhero-like) odor-eliminating ingredients called odor trappers, odor converters, odor neutralizers and odor magnets. Like any great superhero team, each odor-eliminating compound has a special skill. But, together, they’re a force of freshness that can’t be stopped. These stink-ending complexes also come from everyday ingredients like cyclodextrin (a starch molecule made from corn) and citric acid (found in lemons and other citrus fruits).

To start the year fresh and introduce the new product line, Febreze is launching multiple TV spots in its new national advertising campaign, called “Odor Odes”—witty tributes to the things we love, even though they stink. Actress Kathryn Hahn (“Bad Moms”, “Transparent”) lends her voice to the campaign.

“I’m very excited to be the voice of Febreze’s new “Odor Odes” campaign,” says Hahn. “I love that we can humorously riff on all of the things we love the most that stink. That is real life, people.”