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Posted at 10:52 AM, Jun 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-19 10:52:59-04

There are few better ways for fathers and children to spend quality time together than camping or on a road trip. Just ask Keith Sims and Jeremy Puglisi - two dads who are gung-ho about RVing. They both spend a lot of time on the road with their kids and families, fostering better relationships and enjoying the RV life. They have ideas that will help your viewers create their own lasting memories, for Father’s Day and beyond. Whether you’re thinking of planning a dream vacation across the country or a quick escape that’s not far from home. They’ll share their ideas and expert getaway tips for families, couples or even dad’s-only escapes.

Whether you own, rent or buy a recreation vehicle, and whether you’re seeking R&R or a full-on adventure, a summer road trip can be an affordable escape that creates memories to last a lifetime!

Keith Sims is a retired former Pro Bowl offensive lineman for the Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins who’s now a member of the Dolphin’s Game-Day broadcast team. Along with his wife, Tia, Keith is passionate about the RV lifestyle and the benefits it brings to their family. They are the bloggers behind  and are often on the road in their RV with their six children!

Jeremy Puglisi and his wife, Stephanie, are the founders of the RV Family Travel Atlas and authors of Idiots Guides: RV Vacations. They spend 40 nights a year in their RV, traveling with their three young sons.

Keith and Jeremy will share their own favorite activities for father/child bonding; provide getaway ideas and tips for a successful escapade; and can discuss what kind of RV might be right for creating your own adventure.


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