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Ghosted: Love Gone Missing

Posted at 10:17 AM, Feb 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-15 10:17:41-05

Naimah & Maher - Naimah and Maher were two class clowns who became instant friends in the 7th grade, but when Naimah joined the Air Force, their attempts to keep their friendship alive dwindled and when Naimah tried to virtually set Maher up with a mutual friend, he ghosted her for good.

Trey & Austin - When they met at a cheer competition six years ago, Trey and Austin became instant best bros. While Trey identifies as gay and Austin is straight, the two bonded over their mutual love for cheering and always helped each other in their differing dating escapades. One day that all changed when Austin blew off plans with Trey to hang out with a girl. Austin apologized and rescheduled with Trey, but never showed up. After that, Trey realized he was blocked everywhere.

Andi & Dade - In this classic 21st century love story, Andi thought Dade was cute and swiped right, but instead of just a nice date night or a one-night stand, the two Texans instantly connected and made things official almost immediately. Dade introduced Andi to his family, and things seemed picture perfect for them, but nine months in, Dade up and ghosted without a trace.

Tini & Bri - Tini met Bri through a spiritual group and the two immediately hit it off. Bri was going through hardships at that time in her life, and the two connected over their mutual interest in spirituality and self-healing. Tini was a positive, golden ray of sunshine in Bri’s life, but that all came crashing down a year after their friendship began when Bri ghosted Tini and the spiritual group without warning.

Mckenna & Cheech - In 2018, McKenna and Cheech swiped right on one another and sparked a torrid love affair. Though Cheech was 14 years her senior and a professional poker player, that didn’t stop Mckenna from falling head over heels with the man. To Mckenna, it all seemed too good to be true, and she was right. On their one-year anniversary, McKenna went to Cheech’s apartment for a day of pampering prepared by her love, but the place was empty.

Travis Mills is a recording artist, actor, and on-air personality who hosts his Apple Music Beats 1 radio show, “Travis Mills Live” as well as his hit podcast “ADHD with Travis Mills.” Under the moniker T. Mills, he quickly became a global hit performer and songwriter, garnering millions of streams and selling out massive venues in multiple countries over the last decade. With self-produced raps and collaborative efforts, Mills released three full-length albums and recent singles featuring T.I., Ty Dolla $ign and more. Mills has also appeared in NBC's Good Girls, Netflix’s Flaked, and Freeform's series, Alone Together.