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College Cost Options

Posted at 9:07 AM, Aug 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-07 09:07:47-04
This first-of-its-kind digital subscription model promotes affordability and access. With families increasingly strapped for cash, students across college campuses reportedly giving up food and shelter to pay for higher education, and student loan debt reaching all-time highs, every dollar counts – the National Association of College Stores estimates that students on average spend more than $500 a year on course materials.
This new digital subscription cuts the cost of college textbooks in half and offers 12 months’ access to students for $179.99, or $119.99 a semester. This can help save students and their families hundreds of dollars per year.
By breaking down cost barriers, the new subscription disrupts the outdated and overly expensive traditional textbook publishing model and helps end the cycle of students having to make difficult choices based on what they can afford versus what materials will help them succeed. It has the potential to change the college textbook landscape and bring costs down to a more attainable level.
The increased use of digital materials signals a fundamental shift in how students learn. The new format can complement and enhance traditional education methods, offering solutions to match student needs.
On August 2nd join Michael Hansen, CEO of Cengage, as he explains how this new business model is disrupting the current textbook model to provide college students a more accessible and affordable education.