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Chores Open Doors

Posted at 10:11 AM, Jul 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-28 10:11:53-04

As homes have become school for millions of children, parents across the country are caring for families in new ways. With the extra time at home comes extra time to involve kids in the day-to-day chore responsibilities, such as cooking, cleaning and washing. While these chores may seem tedious and insignificant, they actually open doors to a multitude of developmental benefits to help prepare children for a more thriving adulthood, as well as serve as an impactful expression of care that plays a fundamental role in shaping the people we love.

To learn why today’s parents are struggling to engage their children in household chores, Whirlpool enlisted the help of developmental psychologist and child development expert Richard Rende, Ph.D., to examine the positive effects of chores and to better understand how chores can help families thrive. Dr. Rende’s research paper – “Chores: Why They Matter, How to Engage Children, and Developmental Benefits” – articulates key reasons why household chores should be integrated into the daily home life of youth. And what better time to divide and conquer on family chores than when they are piling up more than ever.

Brooke Parkhurst, mom and lifestyle, culinary expert, is available for interviews from her home in Pensacola, FL to discuss why household chores should be integrated into our daily lives. She will discuss how to turn daily chores in the kitchen, laundry and other parts of the home into fun ways to teach everyday lessons.