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Posted at 10:31 AM, Oct 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-11 10:31:34-04
Tech experts say one of the best times to buy that new phone you’ve been thinking about is soon after a new iPhone launches. Since the unveiling of the newest iPhone generally occurs in the fall, that’s typically one of the best times to make your purchase.
But whether you want the newest possible phone, or prefer to buy an older device, there are ways to avoid long lines and save money. One way is for consumers to turn to eBay, especially since the latest iPhone could be tough to find at other locations, once the item is made available.
In addition to shopping for the new iPhone on eBay, consumers will also be able to sell their previous generation smartphones and build up funds for a new phone purchase. If you’re getting ready to upgrade to iPhone 8, you can easily make the most money by selling your previous generation iPhone with eBay’s simplified listing flow.
A smartphone is purchased every 5 seconds on eBay. Immediately following the launch of the iPhone 6s, the number of sold iPhone 6/6 plus devices increased by 23%. Nearly 652 iPhones sold per hour on eBay during the first weekend of iPhone 6 availability.*
With eBay’s price guarantee, sellers in the U.S. who list an eligible phone may even be offered a guaranteed trending price when their phone sells. If it sells for less, eBay will cover the difference with an eBay coupon plus a $20 eBay gift card. You can also discover what your phone is worth instantly using the selling flow[].
On Wednesday, September 27, Emmy Award-Winning Talk Show Host and Digital Lifestyle Expert Mario Armstrong will be available to help you shop for a new phone and provide important tips for selling your old phone and making money doing it.
Mario Armstrong is a regular contributor on NBC’s Today Show, CNN, and NPR. He’s also appeared on Inside Edition, Dr. Oz, Steve Harvey and Rachael Ray.  He’s been recognized as Emmy award-winner for “Best TV Show Host,” “Top 40 under 40,” and “Technology Advocate of the Year,” by Urban League.
* Data pulled as of September 6, 2017 based on used, locked Verizon phones in good condition and without accessories. Comparisons made based on color as well (iPhone in Silver; Samsung Galaxy in Black Onyx) where data is available.
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Interview is courtesy: eBay