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Posted at 3:05 PM, Dec 02, 2021
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When Walter Owen (W.O.) Bentley created his company in 1919, he had a simple and honest goal to build “a fast car, a good car, the best in class.” Every single Bentley is an artisanal piece of art, handcrafted in Crewe, England using the finest, authentic materials and takes a minimum of 100 hours to produce.

Today, Bentley has the strongest and most technologically advanced portfolio of products ever seen in one luxury brand. Its dedication to innovation has never been stronger.

Christophe Georges joined Bentley 20 years ago and led sales operations in two of Bentley’s biggest markets, Europe and the US. He presided over a 20-fold increase in sales in Europe and set successive volume records in the US. He led global Product and Marketing during the period when Bentley disrupted the luxury automotive market with the introduction of the world’s first ultra-luxury SUV, the Bentley Bentayga. He also spearheaded key brand-to-brand relationships resulting in technology and digital collaborations, including one that resulted in the development of the first luxury digital platform exclusive to Bentley owners. On November 22, Georges will be available to provide his vision of how luxury will change as the industry adopts sustainability plans.

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Christophe Georges is the Chief Executive Officer of Bentley Motors North America, a position he has held since October 2018. His career in the automotive sector spans close to two decades. Christophe is responsible for all strategic and operational direction for Bentley North America as it pertains to Bentley Global. Christophe acts as the voice of the customer in America, which is communicated to Bentley Global to best accommodate the American view and American market. He also leads the full strategic and operational management of all motivational direction for Bentley dealerships in America. In total, he oversees 60 dealers in America, providing motivation and direction for the wide-ranging geographical dealer locations across the country. During his time at Bentley, which started in 1998, Christophe has led the marketing for Bentley Motors globally and been the President & CEO. He is a strong believer in sustainable luxury mobility as a holistic concept and has been a driving force behind Bentley’s Beyond100 corporate strategy, supporting the goal of achieving end-to-end carbon neutrality across the Bentley business by 2030. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling, sipping fine wine and skiing the most pristine slopes the world has to offer.