Amarula Wildlife Direct

Posted at 10:49 AM, Aug 14, 2017
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Dr. Paula Kahumbu is the CEO of WildlifeDIRECT. The goal of this organization is to change minds, hearts and laws to protect Africa’s critical species, such as elephants. It has been internationally recognized for its efforts to protect wildlife heritage as an important global heritage. Dr. Kahumbu is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on elephant conservation. She holds a PhD from Princeton, where she studied Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and over the years she has garnered many accolades for the impact she has made in conservation. She is the winner of the Whitley Award 2014, Brand Kenya Ambassador (2013), Presidential award Order of the Grand Warrior (2013), winner of the National Geographic/Howard Buffet Conservation
Leader for Africa (2011) and is a National Geographic Emerging Explorer (2011). Most recently, she received a Special Commendation at the UN Person of the Year Award. In addition to running WildlifeDIRECT, Dr. Kahumbu lectures undergraduate community conservation at Princeton University during an annual field course. She is also the brainchild of the HANDS OFF OUR ELEPHANTS campaign, which she established with Her Excellency Margaret Kenyatta, the First Lady of the Republic of Kenya. The campaign has resulted in great successes in advocacy and the engagement of the people of Kenya to support the protection of elephants. Dr. Kahumbu lives and works in Nairobi.
Amarula Cream is the original and only cream liqueur which uses real Marula fruit as its base spirit, harvested from Marula trees that grow wild and uncultivated in the subequatorial regions of Africa- the only place on the entire planet where they grow. The trees bear their fruit just once a year at the end of Africa’s summer, which scent attracts the elephants from the surrounding areas to come feast on the fruit. Amarula and the elephants are intimately connected through their African roots and the Marula fruit. The Marula fruit is then hand-harvested in the wild, transported to facilities where it is destoned and the skins are removed. The pulp is then fermented and stilled into a spirit that matures in French oak barrels for two years. During this process that natural wood spice characteristics of vanilla and caramel are naturally extracted into the spirit. These flavor characters are further enhanced by the later addition of the cream, give Amarula Cream its rich and velvety smooth consistency.
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