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Actress Cheryl Ladd Shares Her Secrets on Aging with Optimism

Posted at 3:33 PM, Sep 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-30 15:33:22-04

Charlie’s Angels star Cheryl Ladd has faced the pressures of aging in Hollywood with optimism. Today, at age 69, Cheryl is continuing her mission to share with others how to stay empowered about their health at any stage in life.

Cheryl hopes to inspire others by sharing her recent experience with cataracts. When Cheryl started experiencing cloudy vision that impacted her daily activities, she was diagnosed with cataracts, but chalked it up to being an unavoidable consequence of getting older. And, she’s not alone. More than 25 million Americans suffer from cataracts, a common age-related health issue.

Last year, following her diagnosis Cheryl chose to restore her vision with the first and only trifocal cataract replacement lens in the U.S.which has allowed her to reclaim her vision and optimism for life. Cheryl is now ready to share her story and empower others to age on their own terms! She would love to share her story with you