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Whiskered baby walrus born at SeaWorld Orlando

Posted: 10:57 AM, Jul 12, 2019
Updated: 2019-07-12 11:04:30-04
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ORLANDO, Fla. -- Animal staff at SeaWorld Orlando are now caring for a an adorable 150-pound baby at their facilities.

A female Pacific walrus calf was born on July 3, to mom Kaboodle and dad Garfield. This is Kaboodle’s second calf and the second calf born at SeaWorld Orlando. Both Kaboodle and her calf are doing well.

Baby Walrus born at SeaWorld Orlando.

Kaboodle and her calf remain behind the scenes during these first important weeks as the baby continues to gain weight and learn to swim.

Animal care teams determined that Kaboodle was not lactating and the calf had not received critical early nutrition. The team made the decision to intervene and is now providing 24-hour care including eight bottle feedings a day, socialization and companionship, providing the opportunity for the calf to thrive.

SeaWorld says walruses face significant threats in the wild including the disappearance of floating sea ice due to warmer temperatures and a dwindling food supply.

Pacific Walrus Facts:

· Walrus gestation is 15–16 months.

· Kaboodle gained approximately 300 pounds during her pregnancy.

· Newborn calves weigh 99–165 pounds and are 3–4 feet long.

· Kaboodle’s calf should gain 1.5–2 pounds per day and 4–6 inches each month.

· Walrus milk is composed of fat, protein and water, providing rich nutrients for a nursing calf.

· By one month, newborn walruses are strong swimmers.

· Walrus calves are born with whiskers, which aid in detecting the shellfish that are part of their diet.

· Both males and females have large tusks that are used for defense, cutting through ice and getting out of the water.

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