Wisconsin Badgers offer FAU Owls compassion and hospitality as Hurricane Irma strikes

FAU Owls hosted by Badgers as Irma strikes
Posted at 6:57 PM, Sep 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-09 20:04:42-04

The Wisconsin Badgers beat Florida Atlantic 31-14 on Saturday at Camp Randall Stadium Saturday. 

Now, they're doing a much more important job: Serving their fellow human being with cheesehead hospitality in a time of the greatest need.

The University of Wisconsin is offering FAU's football team access to the team's training center, grief counseling and other assistance as the Owls stay indefinitely in Madison to avoid the wrath of Hurricane Irma, according to what athletic director Pat Chun said to ESPN.

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Irma, which has vascillated between a Category 3 and Category 5 hurricane in recent days, was en route Saturday toward the southern portion of Florida.

"I give (UW athletic director Barry Alvarez) credit," Chun told ESPN. 

"Him and his staff made it very clear to us they would make any and all accommodations necessary to ensure that if the stay was elongated, they would assist us in any way possible."

The university does not yet know when FAU's football team and others in the traveling party, including family members, can return, due to the nature of the situation.