Officials working to rescue bottlenose dolphin stuck in New Jersey creek

After they were unsuccessful earlier this week, crews are preparing for a second rescue attempt.
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Posted at 2:13 PM, May 22, 2024

A bottlenose dolphin remains stranded in a creek in Cape May, New Jersey, after officials attempted to move the dolphin into open waters.

The Marine Mammal Stranding Center said the bottlenose dolphin was first reported stranded in the area on May 16. Two days later, crews tried to encourage the dolphin out of the creek to no avail.

Volunteers have been checking on the dolphin multiple times daily as the MMSC coordinates a second rescue attempt. This time, they plan to bring specialized equipment to help them move the dolphin to safety.

The MMSC would not say precisely when another rescue would occur as it does not want unauthorized people in the area, but claimed the rescue would occur later in the week.

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"We do not want unauthorized people to interfere with the rescue efforts or make any attempts to move the animal on their own, as that will put the dolphin and people at risk," the MMSC said.

The MMSC said a dolphin was previously stranded in the creek in 2016. Crews were able to move that dolphin into a nearby bay.

The MMSC has reported 13 dolphin strandings in New Jersey so far this year, through May 20. There were 20 in all of 2023.