School district prepared to press criminal charges against students participating in TikTok trend 'Devious Licks'

TikTok trend makes its way to Moore Haven Middle/ High school
Posted at 4:29 PM, Sep 17, 2021

MOORE HAVEN, Fla. — Students at Moore Haven Middle/High School are speaking out against their fellow students after a new TikTok challenge left school property damaged and destroyed.

It’s called the “Devious Lick” challenge.

A viral trend where students steal and destroy school property and post it on TikTok.

In a post on social media, Glades County School District posted pictures from Moore Haven Middle School showing a soap dispenser shoved down a urinal and a red liquid sprayed all over a bathroom stall.

Sophomore, D' Mari Hallback isn't a fan of the new trend.

“I say they are seeking attention,” he said.

Moore Haven sophomore's like Hallback, Hayden Davis, and Caydence Cisneros, the idea of destroying your school for clout, doesn't add up.

Dr. Alice Barfield, Glades County School District Superintendent telling Fox 4 they plan to take legal action against students who are caught.

“We told them that they would have to go to our alternative learning school, they would also, criminal charges would be brought forth,” said Barfield.

On Friday, the district says fewer than five students have been caught, and the, 'devious licks' have stopped.

A positive trend for students like Hayden Davis trying to make the most of her high school experience, understanding the damage comes with a price.

“As a softball player, if we have away games we have to have things like transportation and all this money it goes somewhere and when they take it, and it’s going to things like that, it shouldn’t be happening, we shouldn’t be damaging our school,” said Davis.

Remarkably, students say shying away from TikTok isn’t the answer.

Instead, they plan to create a new viral challenge that promotes growth in reading, writing, and mathematics.

“School is our second home. We are there, majority of the day so it really is our home. So I personally believe that we should take care of it. Why would you steal something from your own home?” said Hallback.

Caydence Cisneros, telling Fox 4 that she believes a lot can be done from the ground level by encouraging her fellow students.

“The rest is up to us, to listen, to influence our peers, and to discourage them from wrecking our school,” said Cisneros.