Back to School: Teachers are back in the classroom & tips to help prep your student for the first day

Posted at 6:22 AM, Aug 02, 2021

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — On Monday, it’s back to school for teachers in Lee County.

Students in Lee County don’t start until August 10 but for teachers, Monday is their first official day back.

According to healthcare professionals, like Ramiz Audi, MD at Arizona's Children Association, this week is also a good time to start really prepping your kids for their first day which can be both exciting and overwhelming.

“Sometimes kids will focus on their weaknesses and we want to try and bolster and support their own strengths,” said Audi.

In Florida, Orlando Health professionals echo a similar message, saying families should speak to their children about what to expect and acknowledge that becoming overwhelmed can be a normal reaction.

They also break down some other tips families can follow.

  • children and teenagers need 8 to 12 hours/ night
  • well-fitting and age-appropriate backpack
  • plan ahead for school lunches and snacks

Orlando Health says now is a good time to end the summer sleep pattern.

They say children and teens need between 8 and 12 hours of sleep, and a good place to start is by taking away any of their electronic devices 2 hours before bed.

Families can also make sure their child hasn’t outgrown their backpack.

A well-fitting backpack sits at the level of your child’s waist and is best worn with a strap on each shoulder to avoid muscle strain.

In Lee County, meals are free for students but parents who want to pack their student's lunch or snacks should remember to buy whole-non processed foods, such as lean proteins and fruits.

A link for resources for your student can be found by clicking here.