Balancing new business challenges with family

SWFL Reinvented: Moving Forward Episode 2
Posted at 1:58 AM, Feb 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-04 13:42:14-05

FORT MYERS, Fla — There is a lot going on in Lindsay Smith’s life right now.

She has a young family. And a husband in the military. And she’s weeks away from starting her own business, a yoga studio called Vibe Yoga.

Our interview with Lindsay is part of the second episode of SWFL Reinvented: Moving Forward. It’s a digital series where we track how a group of small business owners go from concept to creation to running their own business. There will be a new episode of the series every Thursday. You can watch it here, or on the Fox 4 App, from your favorite streaming device.

Lindsay has a personal story about why she wants to open this business and help people. We’ll share that with you a little closer to when she opens Vibe Yoga in March. Now, we want to concentrate on all the work she’s doing to get ready.

“I’m definitely part of the process of filling out our forms and permits and everything. But I think it’s more exciting than stressful,” Smith says. "I actually have a seven-month-old baby. And two teens and a toddler. [And] my husband is actually due to deploy for an entire year within the next month or so. So I’m really trying to get done the heavy lifting before he leaves, and then that way things will run a little smoother when he’s not here.”

We’ll keep updating you on Lindsay’s journey.

This episode also has an update on Tony Brown. He hopes to open his gym, Blitz 45, in mid-February. There was a delay in getting some of his equipment because of the pandemic, so he has had to push his open date back a couple of weeks.