Help Wanted: YMCA of Southwest Florida hiring for multiple positions

Fox 4 is showing you the ins & outs of job openings in Southwest Florida
Posted at 3:09 AM, Jun 09, 2021

If you're looking for a fun job for the summer and love working with kids, the YMCA of Southwest Florida is looking for camp counselors. They're also filling multiple other positions.

"Looking for people who are energetic, are passionate about working with children, and want to have a fun job where they can take kids swimming, take them bowling, play games with them, Joey Belanger, the Regional Executive Director for the Fort Myers Branch of the YMCA of Southwest Florida said. "It's actually how I got my start at the YMCA at 16 years old, working at YMCA summer camp."

Belanger said all six YMCA locations in Southwest Florida need counselors.

"We want to keep the ratios at a safe level for the staff and for the kids, so that's why we do need the staff, to be able to offer more spots," he said. "Parents do need a place to send their kids while they're at work during the summer, and they want to know it's a safe, caring place for the children."

Camp is 7-to-10 weeks long, depending on the location.

"They may be going swimming, they may be going ice skating, they may go to a park. They'll have group games that they're doing," Belanger said.

He said there's a training process counselors go through before they get started.

"We actually have an association-wide camp training this summer where they spend a full day training with all of our Executive and Program Directors, and it's actually almost like they're going to camp for a day. So they're doing the games, they're doing the songs, and then also learning about you know how to keep children safe," Belanger said.

The YMCA of Southwest Florida is also hiring lifeguards, who go through extensive training to become certified, and swim instructors.

"Water safety being a huge issue in the state of Florida, we are looking for swim lesson instructors as well, to help teach our kids to be safe and comfortable, and learn how to swim around water," he said.

Belanger said they also need representatives for their Welcome Center to answer phones and do tours, as well as positions in wellness.

"As people come out of the pandemic, they may be tired of working out at home and want to be back in that group setting, which helps keep them motivated. So we are looking for group exercise instructors," he said.

If you're interested in pursuing a career in exercise science, Belanger said working on their Wellness Floor doing tours and orientations is a great way to get on-job experience.

"I got my start at the YMCA 17 years ago, and here I am still today. So it's a great place to work for, and I can't think of a better job to have during the summer, or really anytime," Belanger said.

For more information on positions available and the qualifications, click here.