Help Wanted: St. Matthew's House hiring in Naples Boutique Thrift Store

Fox 4 is showing you the ins & outs of job openings in Southwest Florida
Posted at 6:15 AM, Jun 16, 2021

NAPLES, Fla. — Part of Fox 4's commitment to helping you rebound from the pandemic is helping you find a job if you need one. If you want to work for an organization that gives back to our community, you like working in a team setting, and are organized, the non-profit St. Matthew's House is hiring for multiple positions within their Naples Boutique Thrift Store, and some of those hires will get a $250 bonus.

The organization is hiring a Wares Processor for it's Naples Boutique Thrift Store.

"Some of the stuff we get through here is amazing," Amanda Wheeler, a Wares Processor, said. "A lot of things we get are brand new, not even out of the box."

St. Matthew's House is a non-profit focused on helping people who are homeless, hungry, or addicted. Wheeler has been working for the organization since September of 2019.

"When I first came in, I was lost, broken, estranged from my family and my children," she said.

She went through the non-profit's "Jill's Place" addiction recovery program, and said her life was changed.

"It's been amazing. I love this organization. I can continue to help people that are in need by doing what I do, and it's truly rewarding," Wheeler told Fox 4.

"We get all the donations that come in, and we sort them and price them, and make sure all the stores have an equal amount of quality product to sell. And then we price it and send it out,” Wheeler said when asked to describe the daily life of a Wares Processor.

She said teamwork and organization are key.

"It can get pretty chaotic here, so you have to be able to work well under pressure," Wheeler said.

St. Matthew's House is also hiring a Sales Cashier for their Naples Boutique Thrift Store.

"I started as a Sales Cashier here, and I loved it. I loved engaging with all the different people, just getting to know them and building a relationship with each customer that you come in contact with, and each employee,” Ashley Dalusio, the Assistant Store Manager at the Naples Boutique Thrift Store, said.

She's been working with the non-profit for almost three years.

"I was unemployable, to say the least. I had been struggling with alcoholism and addiction for going on 10 years. And I found myself completely homeless," Dalusio said.

She ended up getting into their homeless shelter for a night, where she signed up for their year-long recovery program. She took a job as a Sales Cashier at the thrift store, and worked her way up through multiple positions, until a couple months ago, when she was promoted to Assistant Store Manager.

Dalusio said the person who fills the role of Sales Cashier will be busy at work.

"You're going to be ringing out customers, bagging their items. But also, cleaning out the fitting room, putting the clothes back that someone didn't purchase. We might assist a customer. A lot of times, someone might need a measuring tape to measure furniture, so you might have to step off the register and assist them. You’re building that connection, you're helping them sign up to be a loyalty member," she said.

Dalusio said the best people for the job like to engage with others. Her favorite part is knowing every day she helps make a difference: the money made at the thrift store goes right back into St. Matthew's House.

Daniel Moore, the Regional Manager of the non-profit, said there's also an added bonus if you're hired as a Sales Cashier.

"You get a $250 bonus once you satisfy your first 90 days of employment," he said.

"We want someone that is willing to commit and grow with us. We need the help. We love helping others, and now we need you to help us," Dalusio said.

Both Wheeler and Dalusio said working for St. Matthew's House has saved their lives, and they want you to experience that same joy. Whether you are struggling with addiction or not, they said the organization is sure to have a positive influence on your life.

Both the Wares Processor and Sales Cashier positions offer on-the-job training. To apply and see what other positions are available within St. Matthew's House, click here.