Help Wanted: St. Matthew's House hiring Driver/Movers for thrift stores

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Posted at 5:39 AM, Mar 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-24 07:47:24-04

If you're looking for work, like working directly with people, and have some muscle this job with St. Matthew's House could be your perfect fit.

"We are hiring for full-time Driver/Mover positions right now," Kyle Rairick, the Assistant Fleet Manager for the St. Matthew's House Thrift Store on Metro Parkway in Fort Myers, said. "We're basically the engine of the ministry. We're the heart of the ministry."

The non-profit, which is focused on helping people who are homeless, hungry, or addicted, is hiring at it's Thrift Store locations in Fort Myers and Naples.

"We basically run a fleet here. So we go out and pick up furniture that's donated to our ministry and we resell it," Rairick said.

Rairick said all the money made at the thrift shops goes back to their ministry, including Justin's Place, their recovery program for men battling addiction.

"I'm a graduate of the Justin’s Place program, so I had the privilege to graduate the program and then start working for the fleet. So I have a big heart for the ministry and giving back after what they did for me and my daughter's life," he said.

Whether you are in recovery or not, Daniel Moore, the Regional Manager for Lee County St. Matthew's house, said you should apply.

"Honestly, I look for anyone to apply, because it's such a great organization to be a part of," Moore said.

"We're looking for somebody that's ready to move some furniture, that can speak well with donors, has a big heart for the ministry, and likes to give back to the community," Rairick said.

He said a typical day includes unloading and loading up moving trucks, making transfers at different thrift stores, and going out to pick up donations from Lee and Collier Counties.

Moore said he wants to be transparent: it's a tough job.

"You hop on the truck, and make some calls to schedule with the donors. You go out to their house, you have a conversation with them, and then you take their donations, load up on the truck, and go to the next stop. And it can be a long day," Moore said.

And he said knowing you're part of changing lives makes the job more than worth it.

"I think it's the best place to work. I get to serve, I feel so fulfilled at the end of the day, and I'm proud to tell people where I work, and our drivers can say that as well," Moore said.

Rairick said you do not have to have your commercial driver's license, and he will train you to drive the truck.

If you do apply, Moore said he will be in touch with you within 24 hours of submitting your application.

St. Matthew's House is also hiring for Sales/Mover, Cashier, and Call Center Operator positions within their thrift stores. The non-profit is filling positions within its recovery programs, too: a Senior Accountant and Case Manager.

Taylor Ruzicka, the Recruiter Coordinator for St. Matthew's House, said there are many reasons to apply.

"We're very family oriented. We really want everyone to have that work-life balance, and we're very flexible here. Our benefits are really good as well. And even if you start at part-time, you can always move up to full-time. Any position is a step in the door, and you can always move up. We always encourage and train, and see what everyone can do," Ruzicka said.

You can apply for any of these positions here.