Help Wanted: Salvation Army in need of Social Services Worker

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Posted at 5:21 AM, Apr 14, 2021

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. — If you're looking for a job, are driven by the idea of helping others, have thought about working for a non-profit, and truly want to make a difference in our community, the Salvation Army has the perfect job opening for you. They're hiring a full-time Social Services Worker at their Mission Station in Bonita Springs.

"We're basically a center where people can come and ask for help. So all the time, you're listening out for our doorbell, and approaching the door to see what the client is in need of," Sarah Rafiq, the Social Services Program Coordinator, said.

Sarah Clarke, the Mission Station Administrator in Bonita Springs, said their most visible services are their food pantries they put on each Tuesday outside their location.

"We serve more than 140 families each week, so that represents 140 families in the Bonita and Estero area that have enough food for the next week because of the work of the staff and volunteers in the community," Clarke said.

They also offer diapers and hygiene products, and help families with financial needs, like rent or utility assistance.

"That involves a little bit of an intake process, so you'll just meet with them to see what it is they're looking for, and then go about the correct process or eligibility," she said.

"We try to see a person as a whole and meet their need, whatever it may be, or send them somewhere where they can be helped," Clarke said.

The Salvation Army Mission Station in Bonita Springs said it's looking for someone who truly wants to help people.

"The number one thing that we're looking for is someone who understands the mission of the Salvation Army -- to meet human need in Jesus's name without discrimination -- and wants to be a part of it," Clarke said.

"A lot of compassion, empathy, patience. Someone that cares, and someone that can listen," Rafiq said.

Both Clarke and Rafiq said working for the Salvation Army is worth more than a paycheck.

"You should want to join our team because at the end of the day, you know what you’ve done has made a difference in people’s lives," Clarke said.

To qualify for this position, you need:

  • a High School Diploma or GED
  • two years of experience working in a social or public service setting, helping people
  • to be 21 years old
  • a valid driver's license

Speaking Spanish is a plus. The Salvation Army offers paid holidays, paid vacation, and health, dental, and vision benefits.

The new Social Services Worker will go through a few weeks of training by shadowing the team closely to see how they interact with clients and provide services. If you're hired, you will also be given manuals explaining each of their programs step-by-step.

To apply for the Social Services Worker position with the Salvation Army, click here.