Help Wanted: Lee Health hiring for 1,200 positions

Fox 4 is showing you the ins & outs of jobs open in Southwest Florida
Posted at 6:17 AM, Jun 02, 2021

If you're looking for a job in healthcare -- whether it's working with patients or not -- Lee Health is trying to fill more than 1,200 positions.

The healthcare system told Fox 4 it wants to prioritize current Lee Health team members, and help them advance in their careers, so they're holding a Virtual Internal Career Symposium all this month. But because there are so many positions to fill, Lee Health is also hiring externally.

More than 14,000 people make up the team at Lee Health.

"Nationally, it is an in demand career. So if you're looking to join, the sky's the limit," Jennifer Thayer, Lee Health's Manager of Workforce Planning & Development, said.

Thayer said if you're looking for a career in the service side, clinical side, or facility side of health care, they have positions available.

"If there's a career path in healthcare, we want them to learn about it," she said.

Thayer said Lee Health is putting the priority on their current employees, so they can move up within the healthcare system. All throughout June, Lee Health is holding it's Virtual Internal Career Symposium.

Lee Health Virtual Internal Career Symposium
Lee Health Virtual Internal Career Symposium

"Your employees are your most valuable asset. We care for patients in our community every day, and without team members providing that care, we wouldn't be able to be who we are, and have the reputation we do," she said.

Each day of the Symposium is dedicated to a different career path.

"We offer several disciplines that they can learn about, from nursing, to anywhere from patient support, radiology, rehab, you name it," Thayer said. "We are also recruiting externally for positions at every level, from entry level, service level positions, food services, environmental, entry level nursing roles, certified nursing assistant, medical assistant, and even beyond.”

Thayer said Lee Health is looking for people who are empathetic and able to provide good customer service.

"If you bring passion to the job and you want to learn, and you understand the dynamics of wanting to work with people, you can work in healthcare, definitely," she said. "We have jobs. You don't have to be a nurse or a doctor to join healthcare, and if you have that customer service mentality, we'd really encourage you to apply."

Open positions include clinical lab roles, pharmacy positions, jobs in physical therapy, occupational therapy, information technology, data analytics, and more.

To apply for openings at Lee Health, click here.