Help Wanted: Lee County company hiring Cleaning Technicians & Organizers

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Posted at 7:47 AM, Mar 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-10 07:47:46-05

FORT MYERS, Fla. — If you're looking for work, and you're a clean freak or have a knack for organization, these job listings may be for you.

"Organize It SWFL" and it's cleaning division "Sweeps by Organize It" are looking for Cleaning Technicians and Professional Organizers.

"It's a very hard skill to teach someone, how to organize something. It's kind of like tetris," the Owner of Organize It, Barbara Garcia DeLucien, said.

Garcia DeLucien said hiring the Cleaning Technicians is priority number one.

"What's the day-to-day life like for someone who is a Cleaning Technician for your company?" Morning Anchor Lisa Greenberg asked.

"Our cleaners are solo. You go from your home to the first home, and we only have to come into the office once a week," Garcia DeLucien said.

She said her company has a certified cleaning system employees have to "graduate" through before they're let loose to get cleaning on their own.

"When we hire someone, usually with the cleaning side, there's a week to the training. So you'll shadow one of our best cleaners, and watch what we do. We also have video, a book to read, a workbook, and a quiz," she said.

The company is also hiring Organizers.

"What kind of training goes into that?" Lisa Greenberg asked.

"For the organizing side, it's a little bit looser, because you really need to inherently have that skill," Garcia DeLucien said. "We do practice Konmari. I'm Konmari certified."

Marie Kondo made the Konmari organizing technique more widely known with her Netflix series. Using Konmari, Garcia DeLucien said you go from the easiest steps to the most difficult.

"It's clothing, books, paper, they call it kimono -- which is random stuff like kitchen, maybe the stuff in your living room -- and then sentimental," she said.

Stacie Bowman is one of Organize It SWFL's Professional Organizers.
"You've really got to individualize each job. If it's a closet, you purge it, and then you sort it, you color code it, you make it look pretty, label things," she said. "Some people are ready to jump in and just go crazy. Some people just need a lot of hand holding and a lot of encouragement.”

"What kind of person do you think is the best fit for this kind of position?" Lisa Greenberg asked.

"Certainly, you have to be organized. You have to have a lot of patience. You have to push a little bit. You have to love working with people. You have to love being in people's stuff, and sometimes some jobs are dirty," Bowman said.

Garcia DeLucien said her main mission for her employees at Organize It SWFL is to provide a wonderful work culture.

"I know I can't provide the best job in the world, but I can provide them with the best job that they have ever had," she said.

Organize It SWFL is located at: 13601 McGregor Blvd Suite 14 Fort Myers, FL, 33919. It's open Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM. Working weekends is optional. Garcia DeLucien also said the company has the means to pay a great wage.

To apply, click here.