Help Wanted: Florida Highway Patrol hiring Troopers

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Help Wanted: Florida Highway Patrol hiring Troopers
Posted at 7:59 AM, Mar 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-31 08:04:33-04

If you've felt the calling to work in law enforcement, Florida Highway Patrol is hiring now.

"It's a calling to be a Trooper. It's not for everyone," Lt. Bueno with FHP said.

The agency is hiring Troopers, and Lt. Bueno said it's looking for motivated, dedicated people. He said you have jurisdiction throughout the whole state of Florida as your office, but you're assigned to a specific County.

"You work closely with local law enforcement, you live in the community, you're part of the community. And the best thing about this job is, it's rewarding because you feel like you make a difference each and every day," Lt. Bueno said.

He said each day as a Trooper is different.

"You're out there saving lives. You're out there making a difference. You're being proactive and enforcing our florida traffic laws. You're conducting investigations. You're holding people who cause wrongdoings to others, or hurt others, accountable for their actions. You're standing up for victims and supporting them. You are educating the public," Lt. Bueno said.

He said there are a variety of opportunities from being a State Trooper, to promoting through other ranks to other specialty positions like the Traffic Homicide Division, to even pilots or support staff.

Lt. Bueno said Troopers get a close up, firsthand look at what's really happening in our community.

"When a President comes to town, Florida Highway Patrol is directly related in assisting with the secret service and our local agencies. When there is a major crime scene, Florida Highway Patrol is going to be there either conducting the scene, or assisting with scene investigation," he said.

He said working for FHP is about more than being a Trooper.

"You are a first responder. You are consoler. You have to have compassion. You have to have the ability to assess and reassess situations. You have to have a calm, patient demeanor, and be a dedicated, motivated difference maker," Lt. Bueno said.

To qualify, Lt. Bueno said you have to be:

  • a U.S. citizen
  • at least 19 years old
  • have a High School diploma

Lt. Bueno said you also need to have either:

  • one year sworn law enforcement
  • two years in the military
  • 30 semester hours at an accredited University
  • two years of public service contact

To apply to be a Florida Highway Patrol State Trooper, click here.

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