Comfort Food: FK Your Diet in Fort Myers

Posted at 11:02 AM, Feb 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-16 11:02:58-05

FORT MYERS, Fla. — There's a local restaurant in Fort Myers that sure knows the meaning of comfort food, FK Your Diet.

The man behind the menu and sometimes behind the grill has spent his childhood as a foster kid.

"Well, I only speak to my experience, and my experience wasn't a good one," Doug Miller, Owner.

Miller takes comfort in the food and feeding people because for most of his years he didn't have much to eat.

"So the meals that I was served on a general rule were horrible. You didn't know what you were getting. You got a can, that was dented, the wrapper had fallen off and you would open it up with the can opener and whatever was in the can is what you ate. Sometimes god loved you and you had a fruit cocktail, you know. And sometimes it was lima beans or sauerkraut, you know, whatever it was you ate."

"And every once in a while, they would bring something out that was an amazing meal biscuits and gravy, Mrs. Bouton's recipe, I use that in our restaurant today."

Mrs. Bouton's biscuits and gravy are and were Miller's favorite.

"it's you know, it was hot. It was fresh. It had meat in it."

One thing you may notice is the large portions he serves.

Miller says he makes the meals big for a reason.

"I wanted to make sure that everybody ate nobody left hungry because I've been hungry before."

Five percent of the revenue goes back to support foster kids, said Miller.

In December, they raised a million dollars for foster kids.

Miller continues to pay it forward during the pandemic too.

"We, we gave away over 20,000 free meals during covid. We included first responders and hospitals and nurses and homeless people, as well as the foster programs that we have."

Amy will be showing off even more comfort foods and the stories behind the dishes in the coming weeks; showing you the best SWFL has to offer one restaurant at a time!

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