As direct deposit deadline passes, people in SWFL still haven't received stimulus checks or refunds

People in SWFL still haven't received stimulus checks or refunds, and they can't get in touch with the IRS
Posted at 8:20 PM, May 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-13 20:20:40-04

CAPE CORAL — The deadline to submit your direct deposit information to the IRS has officially passed.

You had to do it by noon on Wednesday, but many people who were trying to confirm that their information got through, haven’t been able to.

We talked with Marissa Stafford, who liuves in Cape Coral. She still hasn’t received her stimulus check or her refund. She wants to talk with someone at the IRS, but the office in Fort Myers is closed due to COVID-19. So she tried calling and going online, but ran into problems.

“I spend hours a day on the phone, just trying to have some kind of relief, trying to have some kind of answers, and you don’t know which way to go because nobody’s picking up the phone," said Stafford.

She's also had trouble getting any answers through the website.

“When you go on the website they, it basically tells me they can’t find my information," said Stafford.

Stafford said she filed her taxes back in January. She’s trying to figure out where her $6,500 refund, and her $1,200 stimulus check are.

“We’re talking quite a significant amount of money, and when you’re unemployed and you’re relying on only one income, things are starting to look a little grim," said Stafford.

We wanted to help Stafford get an answer, so we talked to accountant Samuel Guirguis. He said he’s seen all sorts of outcomes with the stimulus checks this year.

“People that should have gotten it haven’t. People that have gotten it shouldn’t, and there’s been no consistency," said Guirguis.

But without being able to talk to the IRS, people like Stafford are asking why.

“Everybody wants to know why, and my answer is the same. I don’t know why," said Guirguis.

Now that the deadline has passed to submit direct deposit information, Stafford is worried her money may not be coming at all. Guirguis said he doesn’t think that will happen.

“If for whatever reason you don’t get your direct deposit, I’m not 100% convinced that you won’t end up getting it at some point in time in another fashion. They realize there’s issues," said Guirguis.

But those reassurances are little solace to Stafford right now.

“I owe people money, and I’m now behind on my rent significantly," said Stafford.

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