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Police chase deer inside a New Jersey elementary school

There was also a recent incident of a deer running into a Sam's Club store, prompting a police response.
Police chase deer inside a New Jersey elementary school
Posted at 9:00 AM, Dec 05, 2023

Police in Toms River, New Jersey, released body-worn camera video last week of a deer on the loose inside an elementary school. 

Thankfully, no students were inside the school and no one was hurt during the incident. 

Police said they received a call from a witness who saw a deer breaking through a glass window at Cedar Grove Elementary School last week. Police said they quickly found the deer but it escaped down the hallway and into a classroom. 

Video from the incident showed the deer climbing on top of a cabinet as it tried to escape. 

The officers opened the school's rear door and were able to guide the deer outside, where it headed north. 

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The New Jersey incident is not the only one involving deer breaking into buildings. 

Corona, California, police released video of a deer breaking into a Sam's Club wholesaler last week and not showing its membership card at the door. 

Video showed the deer walking through an automatic door and running through the aisles alongside customers. 

Police captured the deer inside the store and handed over custody of the deer to Corona Animal Control, who safely returned the deer to the wild. Corona Police said the deer was unharmed. 

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