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Local artist gets creative during pandemic, starts live music delivery service

Posted at 10:34 AM, Apr 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-27 10:41:46-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla.-- As musician Bob Tabarrini started to play his first song, the small group sitting outside of their Cape Coral home were all smiles.

Tabarinni started a live music delivery service with a social distancing twist. He came up with it after going from a packed schedule with shows to being forced to stay at home during the pandemic.

“I said I would rather come to the end of your driveway and sing through your window than I would do a Facebook show, and as soon as I said it a little bell went off,” said Bob Tabarrini.

It was that conversation with a friend that eventually lead to the idea. Bob said he couldn't be happier to be out of the house and doing shows again.

“It's so weird not only being away from my friends, but being away from my craft and what I love.”

It's pretty easy to book a show with Sideshow Bob–– all you need is a place for him to park and an extension cord. There is no contact from the payment process to the performance.

Tabarrini did a show in Cape Coral last week and a fellow musician just happened to live next-door. Roger Young with the band Soapy Tuna said he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get out and play too.

“It’s great to be out of the house. The weather is beautiful," said Roger Young. "Bob and I are going to play together and we haven’t seen each other in quite a long time.”

As the sound of music floated through the neighborhood, more and more people came out to enjoy the show from a safe distance. Bob said it feels good to be playing again, but the crowd’s reaction is the most rewarding part.

“The biggest thing has been looking at and seeing people smile, it has really touched my heart.”

Click here for more on booking information with Sideshow Bob.