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IMAG in Fort Myers offering virtual birthday parties

Posted at 4:49 PM, Apr 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-23 16:49:10-04

As social distancing life continues, the IMAG History and Science Museum is sparking innovation with virtual birthday parties.

“i just feel like people need something to smile about," said Director of Awesome Sara Turner. "Birthdays are a big deal and kids don’t fully understand what’s happening.”

Sara said these parties aren't just for kids though–– adults can have parties too. They’ve booked celebrations across the country and even one in Turkey.

The parties are done through Zoom and you can choose from a variety of themes.

Sara had two parties on Thursday and one of them had a Super Hero theme. She had fun experiments that went along with the theme, and they really wowed the kids.

“I did different superpowers. So the thing behind me is the big Van De Graff machine and it makes lightning and so I did Storm from X-Men.”

The museum understands times can tough right now so they’re offering these parties for free or for donation.

IMAG has been rallying together to help the community in multiple ways which includes a mobile food pantry they've been hosting for a few weeks.

As each car drives by— they get a bag of food along with a science experiment kit for kids.

“The first week we did straw rockets and the second week we had instant snow or Easter egg catapults.”

Between the birthday parties, food pantry , and the science experiments–– Sara said their goal at IMAG is simply to keep people smiling through the rough days.

“I think people just need something good right now and the main goal is to spread kindness and happiness.”