Wounded Cape veteran receives warm celebration

Posted at 8:52 PM, Feb 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-18 22:37:05-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Mariner High School was the scene of a huge show of support Thursday.
One of the school's alumni was on campus to receive a hero's welcome.

"It's really awesome to see all the support from the kids," said Army Veteran Corey Kent

Kent was injured in an IED attack in Afghanistan in 2010. He lost both of his legs and the fingers on his left hand.

The rally at the school was the "opening act" for another special presentation to Kent.

"Today celebrates the breaking of the ground for his new home," said homebuilder Gary Aubuchon.

Aubuchon homes teamed up with the Stephen Siller Tunnel To Towers Foundation to build the "smart home" which contains special modifications for Kent to live independently. It can be run with the help of an I-pad.

The Siller Foundation is named in honor of a fallen 9/11 firefighter, Stephen Siller.

"Being a September 11th organization, the home we will give him home will be presented on September 11th," said John Hodge of the Siller Foudation.

Kent will be sharing the new home with someone special in his life.

"Me and my fiance are super excited," said Kent.

When asked what he likes most about the house under construction, he said , "Just the space and independence and not needing her to be around if I need help with anything."

As for the rally at his alma mater, Kent said he felt, "a little bit overwhelmed."

"It's amazing to see all this support from the community," he added.