Woman recounts encounter with Sanibel shooting suspect

Posted at 11:09 PM, Nov 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-21 23:09:01-05

SANIBEL, Fla. -- The Florida Department of Law Enforcement spent Monday night combing the home where Jon Hay lived with his parents for evidence and questioning his family.

The home is on Sandcastle Road on Sanibel.

Jennifer Wake is the Assistant Manager at the Lazy Flamingo, and said the officer involved in the incident, Jarred Ciccone, is a regular. She described him as a good, well-liked man that always walked into the restaurant with a smile on his face.

Wake was shocked to hear Ciccone was the officer shot while conducting a routine traffic stop.

"It was crazy. Not stuff you see on Sanibel," Wake said.

But she was even more surprised when she turned on the TV this morning to see Jon Hay was the shooter.

"I was like 'Hey, that guy comes into my work! I know this guy.' It's a face you don't forget," Wake said.

She said Hay came into the Lazy Flamingo often.

"He did give off a weird vibe," she said.

One incident in particular comes to her mind:

"He came in a little intoxicated. We gave him a couple more, and he got really intoxicated really quick, so I told him 'I'm going to cut you off. I'm not going to serve you anymore beer,'" Wake said. "I was nervous at the time. He came back a day or two later and thanked me for that. Which is really weird to me."

Hay isn't well known to his neighbors, but is well known to Sanibel Police. Since 2006, Hay encountered police 15 times. Less than two months ago, a man called saying he's been stalked by Hay, and they didn't know each other. Hay called law enforcement multiple times over the years, telling police he feels people are watching his home, hacking his computer, trying to get into his house, and leaving syringes in his lawn.

"Very paranoid. That's very scary to me," Wake said.

Sanibel Police said Officer Ciccone pulled someone over for a routine traffic stop when Hay drove by and shot him. Police chased him into the Dunes neighborhood, where police said Hay fired at them. Hay finally surrendered at his home on Sandcastle Road.

"Six months from now, we'll be able to say 'Remember that guy that shot the cop on Sanibel?' I don't know if they'll remember his name, but they're going to know what he did," Wake said.

Hay's parents did not answer the door when Four in Your Corner's Lisa Greenberg stopped by.

Hay will be in court on Tuesday.